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How to distinguish the quality of PCB circuit board?

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How to distinguish the quality of PCB circuit board?

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How to distinguish the quality of PCB circuit board ?

With the rapid development of mobile phones, electronics, and communication industries, the PCB circuit board industry has continued to grow and grow rapidly, and it has also prompted people to have higher and higher requirements for the number of layers, weight, precision, materials, colors, and reliability of PCBs.


However, due to the fierce market price competition, the cost of PCB board materials is also on the rise, and more and more manufacturers are monopolizing the market at low prices in order to enhance their core competitiveness. However, behind these ultra-low prices, it is obtained by reducing material costs and process manufacturing costs, which makes the PCB prone to cracks (cracks), easy scratches, (or scratches), and its precision, performance and other comprehensive factors are not up to standard. It will seriously affect the solderability and reliability of the product and so on.


In the face of various PCB circuit boards on the market, there are two ways to distinguish the quality of PCB circuit boards:

The first method is to distinguish and judge from the appearance, and the other is to judge from the quality specification requirements of the PCB board itself.


▼How to judge the quality of PCB circuit board :

First, distinguish the quality of the circuit board from the appearance

In general, the appearance of the PCB circuit board can be analyzed and judged through three aspects:

1. Standard rules for size and thickness

The thickness of the circuit board is different from that of the standard circuit board, and customers can measure and check according to the thickness and specifications of their own products.

2. Light and Color

The external circuit board is covered with ink, and the circuit board can play the role of insulation. If the color of the board is not bright and there is less ink, the insulation board itself is not good.

3. Weld appearance

Because the circuit board has many parts, if the welding is not good, the parts are easy to fall off the circuit board, which will seriously affect the welding quality of the circuit board.

Second, high-quality PCB circuit boards need to meet the following requirements:

1. After the components are installed, the telephone should be easy to use, that is, the electrical connection should meet the requirements;

2. The line width, line thickness and line spacing of the line meet the requirements to avoid line heating, open circuit, and short circuit;

3. The copper skin is not easy to fall off under high temperature;

4. The copper surface is not easy to oxidize, which affects the installation speed. It will be broken soon after oxidation;

5. No additional electromagnetic radiation;

6. The shape is not deformed, so as to avoid deformation of the shell after installation and dislocation of the screw holes. Now it is all mechanized installation, the hole position of the circuit board and the deformation error of the circuit and the design should be within the allowable range;

7. High temperature, high humidity and special environment resistance should also be considered;

8. The mechanical properties of the surface should meet the installation requirements;

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