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Introduction of PCB circuit

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Introduction of PCB circuit

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In recent years, due to the high functionalization of civilian electronic products, such as portable products, LCD TVs, digital cameras, etc., under this background, the production volume of high-density circuit boards has increased. Compared with last year, whether single-sided, double-sided or 4-layer multilayer boards have a relatively high growth in output and output value, and even low-layer circuit boards are constantly developing towards high difficulty.

The export situation of circuit board manufacturers centered on semiconductors is also very good, especially the demand for larger circuit boards for module substrates has also increased significantly following the trend last year.

In 2012, the flexible circuit board reached its peak, but it was in a downturn for 2 consecutive years, but in 2014, the multi-layer flexible circuit board increased by 30.6% compared with last year, and the entire flexible circuit board increased by 6.2% compared with last year. Such a high growth rate of flexible circuit boards shows the increasing trend of the target market towards high density.

It is estimated that in 2020, the output value of circuit boards produced by circuit board manufacturers will increase by 1.0% compared with the actual performance in 2012, reaching 1,393.8 billion yuan.

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