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What are the advantages of flexible FPC soft board

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What are the advantages of flexible FPC soft board

Date of release:2021-11-02 Author:放空 Click:

In the electronic product processing industry, the circuit board has three branches: hard and soft. The traditional circuit board is generally a rigid circuit board, and the flexible circuit board is a kind of printed circuit board with special functions. It is mainly used in mobile phones, notebook computers, PDAs, etc. , digital cameras, LCD monitors and other products. ThenWhat are the advantages of flexible FPC soft board ? Here is an introduction to you.

  Flexible FPC soft board is a printed circuit made of flexible insulating substrate, which has many advantages that rigid printed circuit boards do not have:

  1. Free bending, bending, folding, can be placed arbitrarily, according to the requirements of space layout, and move in three-dimensional space and scale, and then realize the integration of assembly and connection of components, which can be flexible. Security monitoring FPC circuit board

  2. Even in the assembly, the use of steel wire rope, the flat cross-section of the FPC soft board conductor, the reduction of the wire diameter, and the formation of the shell make the device structure more compact and reasonable, which can not only reduce the volume of electronic products, but also reduce a lot of weight, Meet the needs of high-density, miniaturized development of electronic products, and develop in the direction of high reliability.

  3. Use FPC soft board to eliminate wiring errors. As long as the process diagram is checked and approved, all subsequent circuits are the same. There is no wrong connection when the connection lines are connected to ensure the consistency of the connection.

  4. When the FPC soft board is connected, the switch interconnection can be reduced due to the wiring of the X, Y, and Z planes, thereby improving the reliability of the entire system and providing convenience for fault inspection.

  5. According to the requirements, the planning of the FPC soft board can control the capacitance, inductance, characteristic impedance, attenuation and delay parameters, and can be planned to have the characteristics of transmission lines and controllable high electrical parameters. Connect the key board

  The advantages of flexible FPC soft board are introduced. FPC flexible soft board has the advantages of good elasticity, heat resistance and solderability, easy installation, high wiring density, low comprehensive cost, and the combination of hard and soft design is also to a certain extent It makes up for the lack of a slightly flexible base for the bearing capacity of components, and its application scale is becoming more and more extensive.

Flexible FPC soft board

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