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Requirements for PCB multi-layer circuit board proofing

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Requirements for PCB multi-layer circuit board proofing

Date of release:2022-05-20 Author:放空 Click:

Nowadays, the use of PCB multi-layer circuit boards on the market has become a popular trend, and in the development of the industry, the ability of many PCB manufacturers to develop and produce PCB multi-layer circuit boards has become more and more prominent. So, what are the requirements for the proofing of PCB multilayer circuit boards? Below, I will analyze it for you:

PCB multilayer circuit board

1. The requirement of neat appearance. When proofing the PCB multi-layer circuit board, the appearance of the sample should be flat, there should be no burrs in the corners, and there will be no blistering and delamination between the wires and the solder mask. Only in this way can the PCB multi-layer circuit board ensure better welding effect, and also ensure that the PCB multi-layer circuit board produced by the PCB manufacturer meets the appearance requirements of actual use. Multilayer circuit board

2. Reasonable process requirements. The PCB multilayer circuit board also needs to study whether its process is reasonable before proofing, such as whether there is mutual interference between the lines, etc., to ensure that the PCB multilayer circuit board can run smoothly for a long time.

3, CAM optimization requirements. In order to obtain high-quality PCB multi-layer circuit boards, relevant CAM processing is required during proofing. This processing includes adjusting the line width, optimizing the spacing and between the pads, etc., to ensure that the circuit interaction between the PCB multilayer circuit boards has a good signal, so that the quality of the template is better.

The above are the basic requirements for PCB multi-layer circuit board proofing. High-quality proofing can make the PCB multi-layer circuit board have higher quality, and mass production can be carried out after ensuring the quality is correct. Therefore, the PCB multi-layer circuit board shall be reasonable as required Design planning is also for the better production of PCB multilayer circuit boards. Double-sided circuit board

Shenzhen Tengxingsheng Electronics is committed to solving the pain point that enterprises have nowhere to process difficult boards, precision boards, and special boards in PCB proofing. For the proofing of PCB multilayer circuit boards, it can technically control it well and be able to serve customers. Provide high quality PCB products.

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