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PCB circuit board common sense that PCB people must understand

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PCB circuit board common sense that PCB people must understand

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What PCB people must knowCommon sense of PCB circuit board

PCB circuit board

Printed circuit board (PCB), also known as circuit board, is an important electronic component and is known as the "mother of electronic components". The following are some common knowledge of PCB circuit boards that PCB people must understand:

1. The traditional circuit board is to make the circuit diagram and drawing of the circuit by the method of printing resist, so it is called printed circuit board and printed circuit board. Today, most circuit boards are attached to an attached anti-corrosion agent (laminate or coating), which is exposed and developed before etching of the circuit board can take place.

2. The circuit board is divided into single-sided, double-sided and multi -layered boards . On the most basic PCB, the parts are gathered on one side and the wires are gathered on the other side. This kind of PCB is called a single-sided board. The double-sided panel has copper cladding and traces on both sides, and can conduct the lines between the two layers through vias to form the required network connection. Multilayer board refers to a printed board with more than three conductive pattern layers and insulating materials between them, and the conductive patterns are interconnected as required. Flexible FPC soft board

3. The circuit board is mainly composed of pads, through holes, device holes, wires, components, connectors, fillers, electrical gaps, etc. The main functions of each component are as follows:

(1) Pads: Metal holes for soldering components.

(2) Through holes: including metal through holes and non-metal through holes, where metal through holes are used to connect pins between components of each layer.

(3) Device hole: used to fix the circuit board.

(4) Conductor: A network of copper films used to connect component pins.

(5) Connector: Used to connect components between circuit boards.

(6) Filler: Applying copper wire to the ground network can effectively reduce impedance.

(7) Electrical divide: used to confirm the size of the circuit board.

NOTE: None of the components on the board can exceed the divide. Double-sided circuit board

4. The working principle of the printed circuit board is: use the board-based insulating material to separate the conductive layer of the copper foil from the surface, so that the current flows in various components along the pre-designed route to complete tasks such as work, amplification, attenuation, modulation, Demodulation, encoding and other functions.

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