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What impact will fingerprints have on the production of flexible FPC boards?

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What impact will fingerprints have on the production of flexible FPC boards?

Date of release:2022-04-19 Author:放空 Click:

What impact will fingerprints have on the production of flexible FPC boards ?

In the production process of FPC, if you don't pay attention to touching the circuit board with your fingers , it will cause oxidation, which is very easy to cause failure; because the fingerprints are full of sweat and dirt, these components are some carbonates and human fat. Let the engineer tell you, what impact will fingerprints have on the production of flexible FPC boards?

1. Touching the flexible FPC board with a finger will chemically change the copper in the board in a very short period of time, resulting in copper oxidation; during the electroplating process, the coating will be uneven when there are fingerprints. There are serious consequences in appearance. camera board

2. Before soldering, touching the surface of the FPC board with your fingers will cause poor soldering adhesion.

Flexible FPC soft board

3. After the soldered gold board, until the pre-packaging step is completed, touching the surface of the gold board with bare hands will cause the board surface to be unable to be cleaned and cause poor solderability.

4. The route of printing wet film or screen printing ink has fingerprint-recognized grease on the surface of the circuit board, which easily causes the adhesion of dry/wet film to drop, and separates the electroplating and coating during the electroplating process. Then the surface of the plate is oxidized.

The above is the impact of fingerprints on the production of flexible FPC boards that the engineer explained to you in detail. Tengxingsheng In the process of processing flexible FPC soft board, it is necessary for managers to carry finger cots to take the board, which greatly reduces the repair rate and improves work efficiency. Rigid-flex circuit board

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