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How to distinguish the quality of PCB circuit board

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How to distinguish the quality of PCB circuit board

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PCB circuit boards are encountered in almost all electronic products, and those who study IC design know it. The development of science and technology has prompted the growth of the PCB circuit board industry from time to time, and people's requirements for the number of layers, precision and reliability of components are getting higher and higher. There are many varieties of PCB circuit boards on the market, and it is difficult to distinguish the quality of them. In this regard, the following will teach you a few ways to distinguish the quality of PCB circuit boards. Automotive PCB circuit board

1. Judging from the appearance

1. Appearance of the weld

Since there are many parts on the PCB circuit board, if the welding is not good, the circuit board parts will easily fall off, which will seriously affect the welding quality and appearance of the circuit board, so it is very important that the welding is strong.

2. Standard rules for size and thickness

Since the thickness of the PCB circuit board has different sizes for the specification circuit board , users can measure and check according to their own needs.

PCB circuit board

3. Light and Color

Usually the external PCB circuit boards are covered with ink to play the role of insulation. If the color of the board is not bright and there is less ink, it means that the insulation board itself is not good.

2. Judging from the plate

1. Ordinary HB cardboard is cheap and easy to deform and break. It can only be used as a single panel. The color of the component surface is dark yellow, with an irritating atmosphere, and the copper coating is rough and thin.

2. The price of single-sided 94V0 and CEM-1 boards is relatively higher than that of cardboard, and the color of the component surface is light yellow. It is mainly used for industrial boards and power boards with fire rating requirements.

3. The glass fiber board has high cost, good strength, and is green on both sides. Basically, most PCB circuit boards use this material. The copper coating can be very precise and thin, but relatively speaking, the unit board is also heavier. No matter what color ink is printed on the PCB circuit board, it should be lubricated and smooth, and there should be no false wire exposed copper and blistering. Double-sided circuit board

It is not difficult to  distinguish the quality of the PCB circuit board if you know the above points.

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